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The health of our students, their families, and our staff members is of the greatest importance to us at Shannon’s School of Dance.  The COVID-19 health crisis still poses a threat in our community, so we will be adhering to a course of action to ensure the safety of our SSD family.  We love each and every one of you!!!

Certainly, the state of the pandemic changes with every daily news cycle, so we will be constantly reevaluating and adjusting policies when necessary.  That could mean a tightening of regulations (moving to all remote classes if prudent) or a loosening of restrictions.  We will always keep everyone’s safety at the forefront of our minds and we will keep you informed as we progress through the school year.

Please carefully read the following to understand the safety measures we are implementing as well as what will be expected of students and their family members. 


We did online classes in May and June and we learned so much!  We appreciated the chance to safely connect with our students, but we know there is no substitute for in-class learning, especially with dance!  We are excited to give everyone the opportunity to dance in the studio every other week and benefit from gaining extra personal attention from our instructors!    

We will be starting off the school year on an A/B hybrid class schedule.  What this means is every other week you will alternate between dancing in the studio and dancing from home using Zoom.  Each student will be assigned a group,  A or B. Group A  will be in the studio during “A weeks,” and learning remotely during “B weeks.” Vice versa for group B.  Attached is a calendar of the entire school year for you to reference once you know your group.  We will follow this hybrid model until further notice.

Alternating weeks will not only allow for safe distancing, but will limit the number of people we are all exposed to on a weekly basis.  This lowers everyone’s risk!  This also allows students in the same class to progress as a group, with the hopes of uniting the entire class to dance together at some point in the future (like hopefully in the Recital or sooner!).  The good news is, when dancers are at home they won’t have to wear a mask or stay within tape lines, so it may actually be nice!  And getting to have at least some in-person time with instructors is better than none.  

You do have the choice to do ALL ONLINE CLASSES if you feel more comfortable.  We understand the need to have a zero risk option, and we respect your decision and will accommodate your request!


Previously our maximum capacity was 12 students in the front room/18 students in the back room.  Now our maximum capacity is 4 in the front/ 5 in the back to allow for social distancing.  The space for each dancer will be clearly marked off with tape, and dancers will be expected to remain within these marks while in class.  We will not be doing “across the floor” exercises, or tumbling down a row of mats.  We will alter the format of our classes so that no student touches a surface that another has touched.  If a student cannot follow these rules, he or she will receive 2 warnings, then will be asked to leave the classroom.  If this becomes an ongoing problem, the parent will be contacted and we may conclude that now is not the right time for this child to dance, given the many restrictions.  


At this time, because we are striving to keep the inside environment as safe as possible, we will only be permitting students to enter the building.  This brings about several questions:  

How do parents assist and monitor their young dancers who aren’t capable of being left alone yet?  

We are lucky to have 2 huge windows in our front room and a door with direct access to the outside sidewalk and parking area.  These will now be functioning doors.  The 4 parking spaces adjacent to the windows will be reserved for the parents of the 4 students in the front room.  You may walk your little one right up to the door.  Then, you can sit in your vehicle or, if you choose, you can even bring a folding chair and watch the entire class through the windows; we’ll keep the blinds open so you get a full view!  

How do we submit payment for lessons without accessing the front desk?

Our receptionists will be taking tuition payments curbside or over the phone.  During the first and second week of the month, expect for our receptionist to check in with you upon arrival and collect your payment curbside/carside.  We will keep you posted as we innovate for easier ways for you to submit your payments.  


All students and staff members are required to wear a facemask.  No exceptions.  Students must arrive with their own mask; it will not be provided.  We respectfully ask that parents and family members wear a mask when interacting with our staff.  We thank you in advance for your compliance.


We will provide hand sanitizer for students  to use upon entering the studio.  This should become common practice!  Be sure to encourage your child to sanitize their hands right away, and we will do our part to encourage this behavior.   


Classes will be dismissed approximately 10 minutes early so that we can fully disinfect the space for the next group of students.  Understand that the classroom your child is entering has been thoroughly cleaned for their safety.  This is crucial and we will be working very hard to ensure the safety of all dancers!

There will be an “ENTER / DO NOT ENTER” sign on each door.  Students may not enter the studio until the sign says so, meaning the disinfection process is complete.  For this reason, you can not drop your child off early.  You may wait in the car until the sign says that it is okay to enter.

This extra 10 min will give instructors extra time to check in with at-home dancers and answer any of their questions.  


Students will come in the door, disinfect their hands, and then go to their spot in the classroom.  They will bring their dance bags in with them and their OWN WATER BOTTLE.  Students will not congregate in any other areas in the studio.  All other areas with exception of the classroom will be off limits.  We recommend you use the restroom before you head to the studio.  The bathroom can be used in an emergency, but since it will need to be fully disinfected between uses, there will be time periods when it is closed for cleaning. 


Attendance is still ever important, even when learning from home.  If you miss the online class, it is just like being absent in the studio.  The student could fall behind.  Instructors will be giving everyone assignments for what to show them in person the following week. And likewise, being in the classroom is now such a precious opportunity.  We hope students really make the most of it!


Usually, for the convenience of our customers, we offer the option of doing a make up class when a student is absent or has a conflict the day of his/her class.  Due to restrictions, we will not have the luxury of offering make up classes this year (i.e. coming into the studio on a different day and time).  However, since all classes are simultaneously offered on Zoom, you will be able to log on to the class from home or wherever you are.  Since in-studio participation is limited for the time being, we highly recommend you make dance a priority!  Be sure not to miss your in-studio days, unless of course you are ill.  This way students will get the most out of their precious time in person with instructors. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for helping us to ensure the safety our entire Shannon’s School of Dance family!  We are all in this together and we appreciate your help, cooperation, and support!