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Michelle Crosbie

As the owner of SSD since 2002, Michelle Crosbie has been teaching dance at Shannon’s since 1996. She became a student of Shannon Jackson when the Crosbie family moved to Evansville fromPittsburgh in 1985 and began training and teaching under her mentor by the age of 16. Michelle has grown with the studio through decades and, today, has over 50 high school students in class who have stuck by her side, dancing under Michelle’s instruction since their toddler years! She is alumni to Central High School and the University of Southern Indiana, earning her B.F.A. in Graphic Design and Studio Art. Dancing for her college squad, Michelle helped her team place nationally in competitions. Throughout her schooling, she took several opportunities to study art and culture abroad, including a semester at Harlaxton College in Grantham, England. She is also founder of The SaSSquad, a popular dance troupe that performs for several local charities and events. An accomplished painter and a talented songwriter, her first love is dance.

“Having taught for so many years, I’ve seen my girls grow up and become like little sisters to me. I can’t help but love and care for them, but what is most astounding, is to hear them express, with tear-filled eyes on graduation day, what an impact I’ve had on their lives! It is deeply fulfilling.”


Stephanie Barker

Stephanie Barker has been teaching at S.S.D. for over a decade! Charismatic and adored by her students, she provides an encouraging environment and gives her all to every class. Miss Stephanie grew up as a student of Shannon Jackson, dancing since age 4, and was the first instructor hired by Michelle Crosbie in 2002. Enamored with Broadway jazz and movies like “Chicago” and “Cabaret,” Stephanie has always been captivated by the nostalgic charm of dance. Her passion for performance runs deeper yet, as it was likely inherited from her great-great-grandparents, George and Edith Fares, who took stage from New York to California as traveling Vaudevillian stars of the 1920’s! As a founding member of The SaSSquad, Stephanie, too, revels in every opportunity to entertain! Born and raised in Evansville, she attended Central High School and the University of Southern Indiana where she was 2-year captain of her collegiate dance team. In addition to dance, Stephanie enjoys writing and sculpting; she is an animal lover, animal rights activist, and avid vegetarian.

“It’s rewarding to feel like I can be a positive influence. I want my students to be empowered and comfortable within themselves. I tell them to ‘Dance Tall!'”


Lyndsey Morrison

Miss Lyndsey is the affable and multi talented receptionist at Shannon’s School of Dance.  She has been at “the front of the helm” since 2016, greeting students and parents with a smile and offering her help with just about anything!  Lyndsey grew up dancing at SSD from age 3 through 18.  She loved taking Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Lyrical classes at the studio.  Morrison graduated from North High School in Evansville, and later earned her bachelor’s degree in Health Administration from the University of Southern Indiana.  She has also worked as the Head Coach of the Otterbelles – a dance squad for Evansville’s professional baseball team.  Aside from dancing, Lyndsey is excited for her upcoming wedding in the Fall of 2022, and she enjoys spending time with family and friends.


“Shannon’s is a second home!  I love the relationships I’ve built with the parents at the studio, and it’s amazing watching how much their children grow up with each Recital!”


Lily Becker

Miss Lily has been a talented instructor at Shannon’s School of Dance since 2018.   Her specialties include teaching Advanced Ballet, Combination Classes, Lyrical and Acro-Jazz.  Native of Evansville, Becker grew up dancing at SSD since age 5.  She graduated from Mater Dei High School where she danced as a member of the color guard and participated in many musicals.  Lily went on to earn a spot on the collegiate dance team at the University of Southern Indiana, where she attended for a brief time.  She is also a dancer and soon to be Head Coach of the Otterbelles – a local dance squad for the Evansville Otters professional baseball team.  Outside of dance, Lily is currently pursuing a career as a pastry chef.  Her hobbies include hiking and just trying new foods!


I love Lyrical, but I value Ballet so much for its structure.  Ballet will push you beyond your bounds, and it’s the foundational style of dance that everything else is built upon.


Autumn Goelzhauser

Autumn Goelzhauser grew up dancing at Shannon’s from age 5 through 18. During her high school years, Autie began assisting Owner Michelle Crosbie with many of the classes at the studio.  Today Miss Autie’ is a wonderful instructor of Ballet, Tap and Jazz for elementary and middle school students.  You’ll also find her at the front desk as one of our friendly receptionists.  Goelzhauser graduated from Castle High School and currently attends the University of Southern Indiana.  She is working to gain a degree in elementary education with a minor in math.  Autie is the choreographer for musicals at St. John the Baptist Catholic School of Newburgh, and she’s a member of the Otterbelles – a local dance squad for the Evansville Otters professional baseball team.  In her spare time, Autumn enjoys reading and baking.

“I used to be so shy when I was younger!  I’d come to class and not say a word.  But over the years SSD has really helped me build my confidence!”


Katie McCullough

Miss Katie is one of the newest instructors at Shannon’s School of Dance specializing in Tap, Jazz, and Ballet.  Katie began teaching Combination Classes at SSD in the summer of 2021, and absolutely loves working with the youngest little dancers at the studio!  Katie herself has danced since age 3, growing up at Shannon’s as a student for 15 years.  McCullough graduated from Central High School where she was a member of the Honeybears dance team.  She now attends U.S.I. majoring in graphic design and minoring in marketing.  She also proudly represents the Delta Zeta sorority at the university.  Outside of dance, Katie’s other interests include playing the piano, art, painting and fashion. 



“I love teaching at Shannon’s because I remember being a kid here, growing up and dancing!  Now, when I watch these young girls evolve and progress through the program, it’s so nostalgic for me!


AnaMarie Hartman

We are proud to introduce AnaMarie Hartman, one of the newest members of the Shannon’s School of Dance team!  Since age 12, AnaMarie grew up a devoted student at SSD specializing in Hip-Hop.  In the summer of 2022, she began sharing her love and enthusiasm with students as the Hip-Hop Instructor.  Miss Ana is a wonderful performer, choreographer and all around positive personality!  She is a graduate of North High School in Evansville and currently attends the University of Southern Indiana.  Majoring in kinesiology, with the goal of eventually becoming a chiropractor.  Aside from dance, AnaMarie enjoys shopping, skateboarding, and spending time with friends.  


What I’ve always loved about Shannon’s is the welcoming environment.  And the style of Hip-Hop we were learning was REAL authentic Hip-Hop!”