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Ages: 3-7

This is a wonderful introduction to dance! Young students learn TAP, BALLET, and TUMBLING in this one hour/once a week class. Small limited class size offers individual attention, and parents may watch through viewing windows. Our encouraging and loving, yet structured environment teaches children how to interact in a positive classroom setting. These little Dancers even have the opportunity to participate in our Annual Recital. They steal the Show every year!!


Ages: 6-11

This class is a natural progression from the Beginner Combination Class, introducing JAZZ in addition to TAP, BALLET, and TUMBLING. This once a week/1.5 hour class offers students a well-rounded dance education. Usually this is a third year class (for students who started at age 5) or fourth year (for students who started at 3). Older beginners may take this class as recommended by the staff of Shannon’s.


Ages: 6-Adult

Jazz class at Shannon’s focuses on stretching, flexibility and technique as well as individual expression and attitude! We want jazz to be fun and reflective of each student’s unique personality! By definition, JAZZ dance is an exciting showcase of American pop culture, past and present. Originally inspired by jazz, ragtime, blues, and spiritual music this style originated in the early 20th century. Over the decades America’s “urban folk dance” integrated ballet terminology and modern techniques, Jazz is an ever-evolving expose of the latest styles and trends integrated with the richness of the past. We offer JAZZ as a 1 hour/once a week class, or as part of a combination class.


Ages 3-Adult

Tap is an exuberant form of dance characterized by using one’s shoe as a percussive instrument to strike the hard surface of the floor. This develops a great sense of rhythm and timing! Though it is wonderful to start this intricate style at a young age, even new-comers, with patience and determination, can develop the muscle memory necessary to become a proficient tapper! Tap is offered as part of a combination class, or a 30min. class to middle school and high school students.


Ages: 3-Adult

Ballet lessons are a wonderful way to learn self-discipline and body control. Anyone can enjoy the beauty and grace of ballet dancing, regardless of age, size or fitness level. Techniques in many dance forms stem from the age old tradition of ballet, making it a wonderful foundation for dance education! Shannon’s offers ballet as part of a combination class for young beginners, pointe for the experienced adolescent, and hour long classes for high school students and adults.


Ages: 7-Adult

To watch this class and the extremely passionate instructors work their craft, one can’t help but get HYPE about Hip-hop! Fun, powerful, and expressive, Hip-hop is on the cutting edge of dance today. Krumping, Popping, House, Tutting, Lyrical, Freestyle, BBoy… There are so many intricate styles, and this class explores them all. The dance form that arose from the streets is more technical than you think, flexing the body and the mind. It is so rewarding to not only master challenging choreography, but to be unique, be yourself, and put your own swag into it! Hip-hop is all about giving students the confidence to be themselves!


Ages: 6-12

This is a 1 hour/once a week class combining 30min. of JAZZ and 30min. of ACROBATICS. Jazz dance focuses on warm-up, flexibility, technique, and high energy choreography set to up-beat ‘Pop’ music. For the second half of class, students work on an array of acrobatic skills on the mats (cartwheels, round-offs, hand stands, head stands, front and back walkovers, front and back hand springs, etc.). We also have trampoline days, and balance beam days bringing awareness to form and balance. Students of this class will learn a recital routine incorporating both elements of dance and acrobatics, an awesome crowd-pleaser!


High School Age

With technique rooted in Jazz and Ballet, this expressive dance form is beautifully fluid and dramatic. Essentially, Lyrical dance focuses on conveying the emotions of a song. Movements are continuous, flowing from one to the next; finishing steps are held for as long as possible. High leaps, whirling turn-sequences and advanced technique are paired with simple human gesture emphasizing the sentiment evoked by the music. This is a very fun, passionate class with great lessons in technique!


Ages: High School – Adult

Shannon’s offers ballroom dance classes, as well as personalized private lessons for couples, especially those preparing for their big wedding day! The classes run in 4 week sessions (one hour/once a week). Introduction to the “Smooth Styles of Ballroom” teaches couples the basic Waltz, Foxtrot, and Tango. In “Latin Styles of Ballroom” couples learn the Rumba, Cha-Cha, and Mambo. For personalized attention, we offer private lessons. We are happy to ease your mind about dancing and walk you through the basics, or customize a full-blown routine!